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  • Accounting Logs :
    • No new accounting logs introduced. See Ref 2. above.
  • Caveats :
    • The order of selection of nodes/vnodes to be released or kept by the "-k <select>" option is "Undefined". Hence user/admin or his/her scripts/tools should not depend/predict on the order of release/keep operation on the nodes/vnodes.
    • If one or more nodes/vnodes targeted for release have one or more job chunks/processes still running in them, then the release operation will result in their abrupt termination.
    • Clubbing the previous two caveats: user/admin should be aware that by using this new option, the running job may lose some of its running job chunks.
    • <TBD>

API level details:

  • The "select" string parameter will be passed to "pbs_relnodesjob()" using its "extend" argument which is of type "char * "