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Target Release17.2.1

PP-741 - Getting issue details... STATUS

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Interface: Job()
Visibility: Public
Change Control: Stable
Synopsis: Modifications to handle Cray specific default job parameters

  • Introduction of new attribute called "Aprun_parameter" which user can specify through job attributes during job submission.
  • If platform is an actual Cray cluster or Cray ALPS simulator then perform below:
  • If "Aprun_parameter" set, then assign "Aprun_parameter" value to "Aprun_param", else assign default value as "-B sleep 100" to "Aprun_param".
  • If "" not present in job attributes passed by the user, then assign default value as "1:ncpus=1:vntype=cray_compute" to "".
  • If vntype specified and value is "cray_compute" then call Job.cray_script() passing "Aprun_param" as a parameter to it, else run default sleep 100.

Interface: Job.create_script()
Visibility: Public
Change Control: Stable
Synopsis: Modifications to add cleanup for Cray job specific parameters.

  • In case of Cray, defining job object inside testcase[example: j = Job(TEST_USER)] will call the new interface "cray_script", which internally will call "create_script" and will set "script" as a default Cray specific script. As per the existing design, if we are using create_script inside testcase then it should not make use of default parameters set during job object initialization in case of Cray, instead test writer should take care of Cray specific parameters(example: aprun) inside script. Hence if "script" already set(set while defining job object), then cleanup is required and it will execute the below sequence.
    • If platform is Cray or a Cray ALPS simulator and "script" is set then perform below steps:
      • Unset "" attribute.
      • Make "script" to None.
      • If "Resource_List.vntype" is set, then unset it.

Interface: Job.cray_script()
Visibility: Public
Change Control: Stable
Synopsis: New method to create default Cray job script using aprun which accepts aprun parameters

  • Call Job.create_script() by passing script body containing aprun with "Aprun_param" value.

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