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Interface1: New switch in PBS Configuration: highres_time_log_enable
    • Visibility: Public
    • Change Control: Stable
    • Synopsis: highres_time_log_enable
    • Details: This is new qmgr parameter using which admin can control high resolution time stamp logging in PBS daemons. 
                    To enable this parameter use the following command.
                           qmgr -c "set server highres_time_log_enable=1"
                    To disable this parameter use the following command.
                           qmgr -c "unset server highres_time_log_enable"

      By default high resolution logging will be disabled in PBS. If it is enabled then log's datetime format will be DD/MM/YYYY HH:MM:SS.XXXXXX where XXXXXX is microsecond. If high resolution is disabled then no change in current log's datetime format (i.e. DD/MM/YYYY HH:MM:SS). High resolution logging will NOT be used in Accounting logs for backward compatibility for PBS Analytics. Also this feature does not apply if PBS Pro is configured to log via syslog.


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