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Target releaseFuture release (14.x)

PP-231 - Getting issue details... STATUS

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QAVarun Sonkar

Interface: New option(-E) in qstat command

  • Visibility: Public
  • Change Control: Stable
  • Synopsis: A new option is added in qstat. When multiple job ids are specified as arguments, the performance of qstat is improved.
  • Details: The options works with only jobs IDs. If otherwise qstat throws an error.
    •  In comparison with existing qstat, following are the different scenarios of qstat expression option

      qstat with express option
      qstat with no job idqueries the default server and displays the resultNo change in behavior, same as old qstat
      qstat with list of job IDs from default server or job IDs from a specific server

      queries the jobs sequentially from the default server or from specific server (in the order jobs have been specified) and then displays the result one after another

      sorts all the jobs on the basis of their job-id numbers, creates a list out of these

      sorted job ids and then queries the default server or the specified server only once. Displays jobs in ascending order of their

      job ids.

      qstat with list of job IDs from default server with the

      queue name from the same server

      example: qstat 5.centos 3.centos 4.centos workq

      It queries and displays results in the order job ids and queue names are given to the command.It throws following error on the console: qstat: Express option can only be used with job ids

      qstat with list of job IDs from default server and from other remote servers

      example qstat 3.centos 1111.centos-2@centos-2 1112.centos-2@centos-2 4.centos

      queries the jobs sequentially (in the order it is submitted) and then displays the result one after anothersorts the jobs on the basis of server (if the server is same then it sorts on the basis of job ids) and then queries the list of jobs from their respective server and displays it accordingly.