pbs_server is not getting started on windows


While installing latest nightly pbs build PBSPro_18.2.0.20180311135701 on Windows observed that pbs_server is getting stopped after successful installation of pbs, later on I tried to install PBSPro_18.2.0.20180308135708 but observe the similar failure below are the observation :-

C:\Windows\system32>cd C:\Program Files (x86)\PBS\exec

C:\Program Files (x86)\PBS\exec>cd etc

C:\Program Files (x86)\PBS\exec\etc>dir
Volume in drive C has no label.
Volume Serial Number is 1E0D-6B26

Directory of C:\Program Files (x86)\PBS\exec\etc

03/12/2018 02:40 AM <DIR> .
03/12/2018 02:40 AM <DIR> ..
03/08/2018 07:01 AM 13 createdb.bat
03/08/2018 07:01 AM 13 create_svr_defaults.bat
03/08/2018 05:56 AM 10,414 pbs_db_schema.sql
03/08/2018 05:56 AM 1,665 pbs_dedicated
03/08/2018 05:56 AM 2,537 pbs_holidays
03/08/2018 05:56 AM 2,535 pbs_holidays.2017
03/08/2018 05:56 AM 1,782 pbs_resource_group
03/08/2018 05:56 AM 16,389 pbs_sched_config
03/08/2018 07:03 AM 8,990,552 vcredist_x86.exe
03/08/2018 05:56 AM 14,808 win_postinstall.py
10 File(s) 9,040,708 bytes
2 Dir(s) 32,653,455,360 bytes free

C:\Program Files (x86)\PBS\exec\etc>win_postinstall.py

C:\Program Files (x86)\PBS\exec\etc>python win_postinstall.py -u pbsadmin -p pbs@123
Post installation process started
This script may take a few minutes to run
Validating given username and password
Successfully validated given username and password
Installing Visual C++ redistributable
Successfully installed Visual C++ redistributable
Creating PBSPro configuration at C:\Program Files (x86)\PBS\pbs.conf
Successfully created PBSPro configuration
Creating PBSPro home
Initializing PBSPro database
Successfully initialized PBSPro database
Successfully registered PBS_SCHED service
Successfully started PBS_SCHED service
Successfully registered PBS_COMM service
Successfully started PBS_COMM service
Successfully registered PBS_MOM service
Successfully started PBS_MOM service
Successfully registered PBS_SERVER service
Successfully started PBS_SERVER service
Setting PBSPro default configuration
Successfully configured PBSPro defaults
Successfully completed post installation process

C:\Program Files (x86)\PBS\exec\etc>

C:\Users\pbsadmin>qstat --version
pbs_version =

C:\Users\pbsadmin>qstat -Bf
qstat: cannot connect to server BLRECVM_20 (errno=0)


C:\Users\pbsadmin>net start
These Windows services are started:

Application Experience
Application Information




03/12/2018 03:13:02;0002;Server@blrecvm20;Svr;Server@blrecvm20;pbs_status_db exit code 1
03/12/2018 03:13:02;0002;Server@blrecvm20;Svr;Server@blrecvm20;Starting PBS dataservice
03/12/2018 03:13:04;0002;Server@blrecvm20;Svr;Server@blrecvm20;connected to PBS dataservice@BLRECVM20
03/12/2018 03:13:04;0086;Server@blrecvm20;Svr;pbs_python_ext_quick_start_interpreter;--> Python Interpreter quick started, compiled with version:'2.7.1' <--
03/12/2018 03:13:04;0086;Server@blrecvm20;Svr;pbs_python_ext_quick_start_interpreter;--> Inserted Altair PBS Python modules dir 'C:/PROGRA~2/PBS/exec//lib/python/altair' <--
03/12/2018 03:13:04;0002;Server@blrecvm20;Fil;Server@blrecvm20;PBS Server hostname is BLRECVM_20, Server-id being created is 1
03/12/2018 03:13:04;0002;Server@blrecvm20;n/a;setup_env;read environment from C:/PROGRA~2/PBS/home/pbs_environment
03/12/2018 03:13:04;0004;Server@blrecvm20;Svr;Server@blrecvm20;Hostid is 0x9cdd2e2d
03/12/2018 03:13:04;0004;Server@blrecvm20;Svr;Server@blrecvm20;Did not find license server host and port. pbs_license_info=null, No external license server will be contacted
03/12/2018 03:13:04;0004;Server@blrecvm20;Svr;Server@blrecvm20;unable to open license file
03/12/2018 03:13:05;0c06;Server@blrecvm20;TPP;Server@blrecvm20(Main Thread);TPP leaf node names =,,
03/12/2018 03:13:05;0c06;Server@blrecvm20;TPP;Server@blrecvm20(Thread 0);Thread ready
03/12/2018 03:13:05;0002;Server@blrecvm20;Svr;Server@blrecvm20;Server pid = 1576 ready; using ports Server:15001 Scheduler:15004 MOM:15002 RM:15003
03/12/2018 03:13:05;0c06;Server@blrecvm20;TPP;Server@blrecvm20(Thread 0);Registering address to pbs_comm
03/12/2018 03:13:05;0c06;Server@blrecvm20;TPP;Server@blrecvm20(Thread 0);Connected to pbs_comm BLRECVM20:17001
03/12/2018 03:13:06;0001;Server@blrecvm20;Svr;Server@blrecvm20;The operation completed successfully.PbsServerHandler, set SVR_ATR_STATE to SV_STATE_SHUTSIG
03/12/2018 03:13:07;0002;Server@blrecvm20;Svr;Server@blrecvm20;Stopping PBS dataservice
03/12/2018 03:13:11;0002;Server@blrecvm20;Svr;Server@blrecvm20;Server shutdown completed
03/12/2018 03:13:11;0002;Server@blrecvm20;Svr;Log;Log closed
03/12/2018 03:13:14;0002;Server@blrecvm20;Svr;Log;Log opened
03/12/2018 03:13:14;0002;Server@blrecvm20;Svr;Server@blrecvm20;pbs_version=

From event viewer got below information
Faulting application name: pbs_server.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5aa14efd
Faulting module name: pbs_server.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5aa14efd
Exception code: 0xc0000409
Fault offset: 0x00018f38
Faulting process id: 0x184
Faulting application start time: 0x01d3b9eac5723d11
Faulting application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\PBS\exec\sbin\pbs_server.exe
Faulting module path: C:\Program Files (x86)\PBS\exec\sbin\pbs_server.exe
Report Id: 0f88e980-25de-11e8-829c-005056a56981
Faulting package full name:
Faulting package-relative application ID:

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